Biographical Information
Kanji 龍己
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Nobunaga Shimazaki

Tatsumi is the main character who found a merman called Wakasa lying close to the river and is now taking care of him in his own house.


Tatsumi is a nice, selfless guy and isn’t particularly concerned about his new free-loader. Although he isn't happy about the larger water and gas bills. He is a frugal and it’s not cheap keeping a merman supplied with fresh, warm water.


Tatsumi has messy black hair, and tired golden eyes. He is tall and is shown to have a quite muscular body.

Trivia Edit

  • His hair freaks out in humidity.
  • He has a bad back from often sleeping in the bathroom.
  • He is often reminded of sea food dishes when around Wakasa and friends.
  • His favorite food is steamed crab, second being octopus.
  • He has great upper body strength.
  • Wakasa's scales often stick to his clothing.
  • He works at a relative's alcohol store.
  • He is popular among older women.
  • He occasionally breaks the third wall.
  • He hates slime.
  • His name come from the "Kuzuryu" river.