Biographical Information
Kanji 若狭
Age "20 years old"
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Merman
Heigt 183cm(6'3)
Weight Won't say
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Umehara Yuichiro
Wakasa is a merman who invited himself to live in the bathtub of Tatsumi.


Wakasa is a handsome merman with very long, silky, blonde hair, which edges up at the back of his head, like the back fin of a shark, although it falls freely beneath. His eyes and fin are both colored in a blue shade, while his skin is really smooth and slippery.


The merman, Wakasa, was suffering in the shallow, polluted river and invited himself to live in Tatsumi's comfortable, clean bathroom. He is carefree and not shy about letting himself be spoiled by Tatsumi's kindness. He does not know much about human society and is very impressionable.


  • Wakasa is afraid of birds, although he does not mind them if they are toys.
  • He hates the color green, as the river he lived in had a green color due to the amount of weeds, dirt and plastic bags inside of it.
  • He can survive out of water for a short time provided he stays wet, but if he dries out he could die.
  • On land, he can move about by crawling, though he rarely ventures far from the tub.
  • His name may refer to a type of fish known as wakasagi.
  • The author has mentioned that his name is a reference to a land in the "Yao Bikuni," a japanese folktale featuring early ideas of mermaids called "Ningyo."
  • Like sirens in mythology, he has a beautiful singing voice and has accidentally caused several middle aged women to fall under his spell while singing "Drowning Lessons" by My Chemical Romance.
  • He knows many music artists such as Beethoven, Bon Jovi, and My Chemical Romance.
  • His hair curls up in humidity.
  • His butt is bio-luminescent.
  • He enjoys alcohol too much
  • He has great eyesight
  • He has dressed up as characters from both Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z
  • He likes to imitate the painting "The Birth of Venus"
  • He is a Pisces(according to Kasumi since he doesn't remember his birthday)
  • He was at the Amsterdam Olympics
  • He likes bubble baths
  • [Spoilers] Unbeknownst to even himself, he has unspecified powers that include levitation and Hydrokinesis. He retains no memories after activation. During this event, his pupils become slitted and he gains scales on his face.
  • His teeth are sensitive to the cold
  • During his mating season,which is once per century, his tail turns red and he gets horny.
  • The furthest he's gone is holding hands